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Remember your frustration seeking counseling services devoid of Islamic teachings? Too often, individuals find themselves navigating a landscape that neglects the profound intersection of faith and psychology, leaving a void in their quest for holistic healing. At Dr. OH counseling, we understand this profound disconnect and offer a remedy. We recognize the unique challenges faced by our community and provide a sanctuary where your faith is not only respected but integrated into our therapeutic approach. By bridging the gap between professional counseling and Islamic teachings, we strive to empower you on your journey toward emotional well-being, ensuring that every step aligns with the principles that resonate with the core of your identity. Your challenges are not mere obstacles; they are opportunities for spiritual growth and resilience. Let us be the compass that guides you back to a path where your faith and mental health are harmoniously intertwined.


About Dr. Shaykh Omar Husain

Dr. Shaykh Omar Husain holds a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from the University of Texas at San Antonio and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (TX). He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago on a tennis scholarship and graduated with a degree in Information Sciences. He then traveled to Toronto, Canada, where he studied the Arabic language and began studying the Islamic sciences. After returning to the United States, he worked as a business analyst. During this time, he was blessed to complete his memorization of the Quran.

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